Fortnightly wine spot (27/01/12)

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne, Temecula Valley, California

A champagne some might argue is not strictly a wine, however this is so delicious that I felt it should be included. I was lucky enough to try this on New Years’ Eve as friends brought this along from their travels.  This is a ‘must buy’ and is so, so lovely it’s worth drinking without any food. It has what I can only describe as a taste similar to that of the dessert a bakewell tart, although this description really does not do it any justice as it has such a great taste.

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne


Bardolino Classico 2010 Zeni

This Italian red wine I liked as a lighter red wine that is a perfect to drink with a lunchtime meal. Bought at just over £8, this is great value.  This wine goes well with meat as well as pasta dishes.