Lunchtime Bites – The Kofta Bar, Bristol

The Kofta Bar, St Nicholas Market, Bristol, BS1 1JQ


The Kofta Bar

This place serves fresh Lebanese food – I tried the lamb kofta wrap which was large and very tasty indeed. A khobez (a type of flatbread) filled full to the brim with hearty chunks of lamb, cucumber, a roasted red pepper hummus, shredded red cabbage, chilli with poppy seed relish, parsley, feta cheese, cumin, rose harissa and tahini sauce with baba ganoush (mashed aubergine (eggplant) with olive oil and seasoning that has a smoky taste). This tasted so good.

I’m really surprised they don’t regularly have a queue of people here. It’s worth noting that they do both a vegetarian and a salad box version. The cost was £4.25 whilst the vegetarian version is £3.95. In addition, with the ‘salad box’ version you choose between a spicy butterbean or cous cous salad.

Other items they make are ‘salad lunchboxes’ where you select four ingredients from a list and a grilled wrap where again you a have a selection of ingredients to choose from. In the case of all dishes you can ask for ingredients you don’t like to be left out. There’s certainly a lot of choice for vegetarians here.

This place is worth a visit.