Moroccan Tastiness

Al Bab Mansour, St Nicholas Market, Bristol, BS1 1JQ


Slow cooked lamb

Had lunch with a friend here recently. We both chose the Moroccan lamb dish which was slow cooked lamb with vegetables served with a choice of rice or couscous which was very tasty. The lamb melted in the mouth and went well with a spicy harissa sauce. Tasty food indeed.

A bit pricey for lunch (£6.50) although I really enjoyed the food here. Would have preferred either more food or a lower price as I think the amount of food wasn’t substantial for the price.  The other main meat/fish dishes they serve are priced between £5.50 – £6.50 and the vegetarian dishes from £2.50 -£4.99



Lunchtime Bites – Caribbean wrap

 Caribbean Wrap, St Nicholas Market, Unit 33, Bristol, BS1 1JQ

Goat curry, rice and okra in tomato sauce

It was a nice surprise to find good Caribbean food in the market. The goat was juicy and tender and the sauce was tasty. I’ll be going back. Goes well with grapefruit Ting.

By Botch Claypole