Friedfully Good

Soup ‘n’ Sandwich, 3 Fairfax Street, Bristol, BS1 3DB

Soup ‘n’ Sandwich

Received an email from friends saying they were going to Soup ‘n’ Sandwich and asking whether I wanted to come along. My head felt sore – it was the morning after the German BeerFest and I had cycled 4.5 miles that morning to reach an appointment. Without  a moment’s hesitation, I was on my way to Soup ‘n’ Sandwich.

After all that cycling (and drinking), I was very happy to have their ‘Special Breakfast’ (sausage, bacon, fried egg, toast, buttered bread, a choice of beans/tomato, and a bowl of chips with a mug of tea for only £3.60). The waitress asked whether I would prefer beans or tomato – I stood for a few seconds staring blankly with my mouth open until she said “I’ll give you a bit of both”. That’s what I like about this place. My friends with their even larger appetites opted for the ‘Hungry Breakfast’ where you have an additional fried egg, sausage and toast all for £4.60.

Soup ‘n’ Sandwich serve hearty food all day at a decent price, especially when you think they’re in the city-centre. They’re a cafe that serve hot drinks, sandwiches and hot food. It’s decent food at a price that’s right.

The ‘Special Breakfast’ (the accompanying bowl of chips, not shown)

The ‘Hungry Breakfast’ (unfortunately the chips are a bit blurred)