Chips, Fidel and Che

Pellegrino’s chip shop, 17 Christmas Steps, Bristol, BS1 5BT

Chips and fried sausage with curry sauce

Fidel and Che accompany your chips (unfortunately the photo’s a bit blurred)

A few days ago, after drinks at the German BeerFest, I found myself sozzled and hungry in the city-centre. It was  too late for a ‘sit-in’ meal so I went along with friends to what I call the Cuban chip shop (photos of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara hang on the wall).  They have the usual choice of food you would expect from a chip shop, including haddock, cod, plaice, mushy peas and faggots (minced meat offal with herbs). We ate chips, fried battered sausages with curry sauce and this went down well. All freshly cooked and tasty.