Weekly wine spot (13/11/11)

Morillon Blanc (2009) by Jeff Carrel

A Chardonnay from France with a delicate honey aroma and a delicious rich, buttery texture. A dry white wine that is well balanced and not too dry. Well worth drinking. I advise that the price of this wine does not match its delicious taste as I bought it at £11.49 – a true bargain for such an exquisite wine.

This wine goes wonderfully with fish, chicken or pork dishes.


Allegrini Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico (2008)

This is a very full-bodied Italian red wine. It has an aroma and taste of ripe cherries and chocolate and is silky smooth – delicious!

Bought at just under £15, it beats a lot of the French contenders in higher price ranges and I keep going back to it. This wine goes well with hearty red meat and game dishes. Enjoy!