Easter biscuits

Lunchtime Bites – Summerhill Bakery, 97 Summerhill Road, St George, Bristol, BS5 8JT

Easter biscuits

Feta cheese with spinach bake

A few days ago whilst travelling to my vegetable patch, I was feeling slightly peckish (to say the least), I stopped by at this bakery for something to eat. There is a lot of choice and it was not an easy decision but in the end I plumped for the Easter biscuits and a feta with spinach bake. The Easter biscuits had a delicious cinnamon and sweet-spiced flavour so a good buy I thought. I’m not really sure where this tradition began but the ones made at this bakery are really lovely. I also tried the feta with spinach bake and thought that this was really tasty, a lot of filling that also included chunks of potato and pureed spinach.

This bakery is really popular with the locals and although it’s not a ‘trendy’ type of place, the choice of freshly baked food is great and the service is really friendly.


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