Lunchtime Bites – sabich

Falafel King, Bristol, (Harbourside) BS1

Sabich served in a home-baked pitta – Delicious!

I had a sabich  for lunch yesterday from the food stand Falafel King located by the harbour in the  city-centre. This dish consists of fried aubergine and sliced hard-boiled eggs served with loads of tasty chopped red and white cabbage with a vinegarette and tahini sauce. It was served in a large home-baked pitta (you can choose from white or a wholemeal pitta). You can also add more tahini sauce as well as a sweet mango sauce or a spicy chilli sauce if you prefer. I opted for more tahini sauce and the sweet mango sauce. Cost £3.50 – really good value for money with such large-sized portions. They also do  a £4.50 version of all dishes where you’re given even more food for your bucks – incredible.

Sabich – a quarter eaten. Yum!

The food Falafel King serve is middle-eastern vegetarian and you’re given generous portions, including of course falafels. They also have a restaurant located at 6 Cotham Hill, Cotham Down, Bristol, BS6 6LF.

Worth a visit.

Check out the first review of Falafel King at


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