A Review – Raj Mahal City Bristol

69 Clarence Road, Redcliffe, Bristol, BS1 6RP

I had a meal with friends at this restaurant a couple of days ago. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. We ordered poppadoms with a selection of pickles/chutneys as a starter (a lime pickle, a mango chutney, a chopped onion, tomato and coriander dish, and a sweet yogurt-based dish).  This was followed by a variety of main dishes.

Toby – had the chicken tikka jay special with roti. Simply stunning. It was so good I could go home without Kuaki and not feel disappointed (you’ll need to refer to a previous review of this restaurant on this blogsite regarding Kuaki).

Blenchly – had the lamb tikka jay special with roti. Verdict – same as him (Toby). It was good food.

Tintenfisch – had the Raj Mahal special chicken, with a garlic naan and pilau rice. Included a lot of onions. Very nice indeed.

Botch Claypole – had the Bahari lamb with a keema naan and pilau rice. A slap-up big hearty meal.

lovefoodpinny – had the chicken garlic chilli masala which was very spicy, with tomatoes and fresh green chillies with a garlic naan – delicious. In addition, I had two mango lassi drinks which were freshly made and lovely.


Check out the first review of dining out at Raj City Mahal at




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