Lunchtime Bites – The King William ale house, Bristol, BS1 4EF

A nice pint of beer

I came here for lunch a couple of days ago with friends. We ordered a fish pie, sausages with mashed potatoes, and a plate of chip wedges. With the exception of the chips which was an extra portion, the dishes cost £6.50 which was relatively expensive for the food.

The fish pie tasted nice but had hardly any fish, although on the good side there were lots of prawns and mashed potato. It was served with carrots and peas and it was a shame that these vegetables did not have any butter as they were dry. The sausages were not particularly nice as they tasted cheap and were gristly and were again served with carrots and peas that needed buttering. We were undecided as to whether the mashed potatoes were made from ‘real potatoes’ or from powdered potatoes. The chips were overcooked which was disappointing. The consensus was that this is a place for good beer.

Fish pie (unfortunately blurred photo)

Sausages, mashed potato with vegetables (unfortunately blurred photo)


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