A Winter warmer

A flat hat Winter warmer - hearty and yum!

Lunchtime Bites – The Kings Head, 60 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6DE
This is my favourite pub in central Bristol. The place is tiny and it’s in a time-warp. The staff are genuinely welcoming and the beer is good. I had a Winter Warmer (£5.45), which is a large Yorkshire pudding filled with beef mince in gravy, with mash topped with cheese. I had it with a pint of Doom Bar (£3.30 ono) and it filled me up. By Botch Claypole

I love this pub. It is a tiny, one-roomed affair, the rear being screened off with wood panels to form a cozy seating area that resembles a railway carriage. The decor throughout is warm and muted and, perhaps most importantly these days, it feels as though it hasn’t been changed in a very long time. Both staff and clientele combine to make the place feel welcoming so that once you’ve sat down you won’t want to get up again in a hurry.

The beer is, well, beer. There are a few Sharp’s ales on and I’ve grown quite partial to Doom Bar. I’m not in a position to say how well it is kept, but I find that a couple of pints will slip down quite easily.

Stilton Pig (sausage, mushroom, bacon and cheese in a baguette) - delicious!

The food is worthy of special mention, however. It is basic, filling, unpretentious and very reasonably-priced. £5 (give or take 50p) will buy you a good-sized roll filled with sausage, bacon and cheese, a choice of burgers, chilli-con-carne or the wonderful “flat hat” – a plate-sized Yorkshire pudding with your choice of filling. In keeping with the decor, this is not modern gastro-pub fare but for those of us looking for a decent pub meal that won’t break the bank, this is hardly a criticism. By Tintenfisch

A Flat hat Winter warmer

In my case I picked the ‘wrong’ dish as I had chill-con-carnie (cost of £5.55) which I was really disappointed with – the sauce tasted as if it was a shop bought bottled sauce, there was hardly any minced beef in this dish and it was served with microwaved rice. In contrast, I tried the flat hat Winter warmer, a large Yorkshire pudding into which there’s beef, gravy, mashed potato, topped with cheese. This was delicious and for which I’m going to make a visit back to this pub next Thursday. I think it’s worth eating this pubs’ own specialities such as the flat hat Winter warmer where you have a delicious, tasty and hearty meal rather than a chilli-con-carni which let’s face it you can buy anywhere. Worth a visit. In fact I’m planning on making a regular weekly Thursday trip to this city-centre pub that has wood panelling and reminds me of a lovely old train carriage. Great, and has a special warm and friendly atmosphere. By lovefoodpinny


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