Spicy goodness – Spice of India

Spice Of India, 13 Small Street, Bristol, BS1 1DE

I have been going to this Indian restaurant since I first came to Bristol back in 2000. It’s in the city-centre, tucked away on one of the back streets. Having moved away from Birmingham, the curry capital of the UK, I was very keen to find somewhere in Bristol which served great Indian food. Spice Of India does this and I’m so glad it’s there.

Spice Of India

A few days ago I came here for a meal with a group of friends and we had a variety of dishes. Here are the verdicts.

Samba Chicken — I really enjoyed this dish. I normally pick spicy dishes, yet I decided to opt for something far less spicy but coconut centred. Really tasty, I would have this dish again.   By lovefoodpinny

Chuka Sabji Dall — Culinary equivalent of a hot mud bath, thick and sloppy, pleasantly warming and comforting. It left me feeling satisfied yet a bit mucky.     By Toby

Chuka Sabji Dall — The old favourite.     By Blenchly

Lamb Dansak — Thick lentil sauce with good flavours and succulent chunks of lamb which fell apart. Not as hot as I had expected (it being in the Hot section of the menu) but the level of spice was just right. I find it’s better to be able to enjoy the flavours of a curry instead of numbing your taste buds. A very tasty dish that I would choose again. My only disappointment with this visit to Spice Of India was the service. Normally very friendly, our waiter seemed to be distracted & grumpy and cleared the plates before we’d all finished – something that irritates me!     By Karen

Kufta Bhuna — The best dish I’ve had in Spice of India!     By Matt

Balti Chicken — It was nice and meaty and a bit sweet. The bread was nice and so was the beer.     By Botch Claypole

Bahar Chicken — This was tasty!     By Tintenfisch

Spicy food enjoyed with friends


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