Lunchtime Bites – Falafel King, Bristol, BS1

Bristolians, especially those who frequent the centre, have long known where to get falafel (פלאפל), the middle-Eastern deep-fried chickpea balls. Falafel King is a food stand right by the harbour in the middle of town. The food consists of either falafel balls or boiled egg and aubergine (‘sabich’) and comes in pitta pouches. It tastes fresh and healthy and the portions are acceptable. They are great with special diets – all the food is vegetarian, and they will give information about their ingredients if asked.

Falafel King, Bristol, BS1

We visited early afternoon, sitting for a while by the overcast harbour as Tintenfisch gazed out mumbling “Call me Ishmael”, but they are open all day and until late in the night. The woman at the stall possesses a unique view of the world. Cost: £3.50. Better than Subway.

Verdict: “OK”.

By Botch Claypole

Check out a later review of Falafel King at


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