“Yummy yum yum” – the Barley Mow Bristol

39 Barton Road, The Dings, Bristol, BS2 0LF

Last Friday I met with a group of friends at this pub that has the tagline, “real beer, real pub”. The Barley Mow Bristol has over recent years had a resurgence as it is located in an area of re-development and new housing from what was mainly an area of  non-residential, work buildings. It is owned by the Bristol Beer Factory, an independent brewery that use locally grown malt and hops to produce their beer.

The pub menu board caught my eye with the title “yummy yum yum” for the ‘special baguette’ of the day, containing “top rump steak” and garlic mushrooms served with horseradish sauce, salad with a cream vinaigrette and chips. Our group ordered this and the Minty, Heidi and Moo Pieminster pies. We agreed the service was great and that the food was “yummy yum yum”. The Minty pie has lamb, carrot, swede, rose wine and mint; the Heidi pie has goat’s cheese, butternut squash, spinach and red onion; the Moo pie has steak, ale and vegetables. The pies are made by the Bristol-based company Pieminster and were cooked and presented well at the Barley Mow on a base of delicious creamy mashed potato with peas and a tasty mouth-watering, dark and rich onion and meat gravy.

I tried the No 7. traditional bitter which has a tasty rich toffee taste and the Ashton Press cider, a golden coloured medium-dry cider that was delicious and is made locally from the Long Ashton Cider Company.

The Barley Mow website states that, “it is a real community pub, offering great locally brewed ales, home-cooked pub food, a courtyard garden and a real fire” and I agree.

A real treat – the Barley Mow Bristol is well worth a visit.





A Minty Pieminster pie served on creamy mashed potato, peas and a rich onion and meat gravy

A baguette of "top rump steak" and garlic mushrooms served with horseradish sauce, salad with a cream vinaigrette and chunky chips

Wanted to show the tasty chips (unfortunately, the photo's a bit blurred)

Well worth a visit


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