A Review – Brauhaus Lemke, Luisenplatz 1, Charlottenburg, 10585 Berlin

  • 13th and 14th August 2011 (part 11 (final part) of the Berlin Posts)

This is a microbrewery in Berlin that has been running since 1999. It has two branches, this one in Charlottenburg and the other at Hackescher Markt.

At my first visit I tried the Lemke Original beer which is a dark beer that has a malty aroma and a delicious chocolatey end taste. I thought it was lighter than most dark beers. I also tried their Hefeweizen beer, orange in colour and which they promote as being fruity and tangy. I agree it is and it is tasty. With this beer I ate brezel, a delicious freshly baked knot-shaped bread.

From the menu, I tried the zwei Berliner Bouletten fennel, dazu Bauernbrot und Landbutter which is a Berlin speciality of meatballs served with bread and butter. This was so tasty, the meatballs needing no accompanying mustard. There was a bit of paprika in the meatballs, and fennel giving a fresh and aniseed taste and making them aromatic. They also had onion adding moistness. These were very tasty indeed. They were served with a good salad of red, green and yellow peppers, tomato, sweetcorn, frisee lettuce, cucumber, finely chopped red cabbage with a lovely vinaigrette. With this I tried the Lemke Saisonbier which was cloudy, orange, hoppy and fruity. I was given a small dish of barley as a bar snack which I had never tried before to go with the Saisonbier. Interestingly, the barley at first, tasted chalky but then seemed to highlight the taste of the Saisonbier – very nice. Another of their beers is the Lemke Pilsner goldbland which I also tried. It’s a cloudy pilsner full on flavour. The Brauhaus Lemke tagline is, “Eine Frage der Aehre” written on their menu with an illustration of barley. It translates as “a question of ears”, referring to the ears of barley.

At my follow-up visit, I tried the Brauhaus Grillhaxe mit Bratkartoffel, sauerkraut which was a pork knuckle (cooked on-the-bone) served with fried potatoes and sauerkraut. The pork was very tender, very tasty. I also tried the steak mit gorgonzolasoße auf Blattspinat, dazu kroketten und salat which was pork steak with gorgonzola sauce, served with spinach, potato croquettes und salad. This was my favourite meal on the entire trip to Berlin. It was simply bliss. The pork steak was tender and full of flavour, the gorgonzola sauce was delicious, the spinach was not overcooked and was full of flavour and the potato croquettes had a lovely earthy taste.

I have just looked at the Christmas menu on the Brauhaus Lemke website – oh, how I wish I lived in Berlin.


Brezel, a freshly baked knot shaped bread

Lemke Saisonbier and a dish of barley

Brauhaus Grillhaxe mit Bratkartoffel und sauerkraut

Steak mit gorgonzolasoße auf Blattspinat, dazu kroketten und salat


14 thoughts on “A Review – Brauhaus Lemke, Luisenplatz 1, Charlottenburg, 10585 Berlin

  1. I loved the food when last in Germany a couple of years ago (Munich) although it was mainly street food as the restaurants don’t cater much for vegetarians (which my daughter is)! I still have cravings for a wurst with sauerkraut and mustard (and Gluwein).

  2. I’ve just read this blog posting and now have to go and read the other, because you mention so many street and place names that I recall from my childhood, when we lived in Berlin for 4 years. I used to go to Charlottenburg Primary School, which was a British Army school (and which tells you how old I was!). A lovely trip down memory lane! 🙂

  3. I love this place too!!! I live around the corner in Charlottenburg and go once a week. I always have the Grillhaxe (must always ask for a little extra gravy – makes it even better!!!) and either the seasonal beer or the Hefeweizen. The best seasonal beers I’ve had at Lemke Am Schloss are the Zwickel and Kupfer. They currently have an October fest beer which is also good, but not as good as Zwickel or Kupfer. When I move back to London I will miss Lemke!!! I want to open a London branch!!!! I’m going there tonight for dinner and a beer!!!

    • Hi Nick,
      You live around the corner from Brauhaus Lemke – you’re so lucky! Have a beer for me, as I can’t be there. I will keep in mind what you say about the Zwickel and Kupfer beers.

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