A Review – Brauhaus Spandau, Neuendorfer Straße 1, Spandau, 13585 Berlin

  • 10th and 13th August 2011 (part 5 of the Berlin Posts)

This is a microbrewery and a hotel that I found makes both delicious food and beer. It has two indoor levels with adjacent rooms where you can eat as well as a large beer garden. Whereas breweries tend to do seasonal beers, here they produce some additional varieties of beer for specific months. On my first visit, I tried their Havelbrau, an unfiltered and cloudy, fruity, golden beer that lacks the sharpness of a pilsner and which I found to be very smooth. I could drink a lot of this. Foodwise,I tried a Brezel which is a freshly baked knot shaped bread as a snack that has some salt to the coating. It was delicious.

At the follow-up visit I tried one of the ‘chef’s choice’ the Schweineruckensteak vom Grill mit portion Pfifferlinge und bratkottofeln which is grilled pork steak served with fried potatoes as well as chanterelle mushrooms which are in their growing season right now. This dish was delicious, although the chanterelles topped with parsley were cooked with finely chopped pork, whereas I would have preferred and cooked them without the pork to be able to enjoy their own flavour. Saying that though the stocky texture of chanterelle mushrooms make them great to serve alongside meat.

Also, I tried the Knusprige schweinshaxe mit sauerkraut und hausbrot which is a crispy knuckle of pork on-the-bone roasted served with sauerkraut and home-made bread. This was very tasty, the pork skin being so crispy and yet the inner meat was so tender and the dark bread was very malty. The sauerkraut had fennel which gave a fresh aromatic aniseed taste. Also, I tried the Weizenbier (hefetrub vom fass) a golden cloudy wheatbeer tasting yeasty with vanilla and banana notes which I liked a lot. I managed to also eat a chocolate, mango ice cream dessert made by FloridaEis.de which I was really impressed with. It tasted moorish and very gelatinous in texture which is lovely so a big thumbs up for this ice cream.

You will miss out, by not eating and drinking here.


Schweineruckensteak vom Grill mit portion Pfifferlinge und bratkottofeln

Knusprige schweinshaxe mit sauerkraut und hausbrot


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