A Review – Brauhaus Mitte, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 13, 10178 Berlin

  • 9th and 11th August 2011 (part 4 of the Berlin Posts)

This is one of Berlin’s microbreweries and is located in what was the East before the removal of the Berlin wall. The building looks like a fast-food burger joint – it was built in the concrete period of the 1960s/70s, and although there is an outside area to sit at the front of the building, the inside of this brewery hall that has several adjoining rooms is inside a shopping centre. Do not let this appearance prevent you from visiting as you will miss a place that makes excellent food and beer. The staff here, take pride in the food and beer they produce. At my first visit, I tried the Brauhaus Saisonbier which is the beer of the season. This was a nice smooth fruity beer. Also, I tried the Brauhaus Pilsner that has a golden colour and is very hoppy to taste. With these I ate Brezel a freshly baked knot shaped snack which was still warm from the oven and very tasty.

At the follow-up visit, I tried the Bavarian speciality Brauhaus Schweinhaxe mit Stampfkertoffeln und sauerkraut which is a roasted pork joint served with mashed potato and sauerkraut (finely shredded pickled cabbage). This Schweinhaxe was the tastiest tried on this trip with such an amazing crackling to it. The sauerkraut had crushed juniper berries which added a whole new dimension, a fragrance and taste all of it’s own – a good tip, adding crushed juniper berries to cabbage. I have done this with red cabbage, shredding the cabbage, pickling it overnight with the crushed juniper berries, red wine, brown sugar, cinnamon and red wine vinegar before cooking it.

Also, I tried the Bierkutschersteak schweinenackensteak mit schinken, tomaten und mit kase uberbacken, dazu bractokartoffeln und salat which is a pork steak cooked in beer topped with melted cheese, a layer of ham and sliced tomatoes, served with fried potatoes and salad. This was very tasty, the beer adding a delicious flavour and I noted the salad was also good – it had so much to it, not just the usual salad items you would expect in Britain but also chopped green and yellow peppers with a tangy tasty dressing.

I also enjoyed the Brauhaus Hefeweizen Hell beer. ‘Hell’ meaning unfiltered, the orangish beer was cloudy and had a delicious flowery, fruity yet tangy taste.

Definitely, worth a visit.



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