A Review – Zillemarkt, Bleibtreustraße 48a, Charlottenburg, 10623 Berlin

  • 7th, 8th and 9th August 2011 (part 1 of the Berlin Posts)

I came here before around three years ago with some friends. It is a lovely wooden panelled restaurant that has a bar and is also a cafe during the day. It has an impressive stained glass skylight in the main indoor area and as the enclosed rear garden is next to the S-bahn station Savignyplatz,  you can watch the German ICE trains zip by. The staff here are friendly and helpful with the aim that you enjoy yourself. On my first visit on this trip, I tried the Zillebrau beer. It has a pale yellow colour and is a flowery-tasting beer. I also tried the Berliner Weiss which is brewed in Berlin and is a sour-tasting wheat beer served in round glasses. A flavoured syrup is added of either the two flavours sweet raspberry, red in colour or woodruff which is sour in taste and which is green. I particularly like the sour woodruff Berliner Weiss but unfortunately only the sweet raspberry flavoured-syrup was available at the time of my visit.

At the second visit to Zillemarkt on this trip, I tried the cocktail caipirinha made with pitu, brown sugar and lime juice. This was deliciously refreshing and made well. The appetiser of a selection of bread served with lard was given, a traditional Berlin dish. The lard did not appeal to me but the selection of bread was delicious, especially the dark types.

I tried the kasslerbratten and the Berliner eisbein. The kasslerbraten is a lightly salted and smoked pork chop served with sauerkraut, boiled potatoes topped with chopped chives, salad and a paprika sauce. This was heavenly. The Berliner eisbein is a knuckle of pork boiled on-the-bone, a traditional Berlin dish. It looks uninviting and not particularly appealing mainly I think because of its thick layer of fat on the meat joint but is very tasty, the cooking of this joint on-the-bone lending a rich flavour. It was served with peas mashed in a delicious meat-based stock with chopped carrots, as well as finely shredded sauerkraut (pickled cabbage), boiled yellow potatoes and mustard. The sauerkraut having a tangy vinegar taste cuts through the fat of the meat making a perfect combination.

I also tried the Zille brau schwarzbier one of their own-produced dark beers. A very tasty brew with a chocolately end-taste which is quite light for a dark type of beer.

This place is well worth a visit.



A selection of bread served with lard


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