A Review – Gasthaus Krombach, Meinekestraße 4 (off Kurfurstendamm), 10719 Berlin

  • 7th and 10th August 2011 (part 2 of the Berlin Posts)

This place has several wooden panelled rooms where you can eat as well as a main bar. It makes delicious food with the bonus of  large portions. At my first visit, I opted for two dishes. Firstly, the hausgemachte konigsberger klopse mit kapernsauce und salzkartoffeln which is meat balls with a caper sauce served with lettuce and boiled yellow potatoes topped with chopped parsley. The potatoes tasted especially good, very flavoursome and waxy and I had not tasted anything like the caper sauce before, a very creamy sauce with a citrus-like flavour from the capers – delicious. Also, I tried the dish hausgemachte eisbeinsulze mit remouladensauce und bratkartoffeln which is a boiled knuckle of pork on-the-bone, served with lettuce, a mashed pea sauce, horseradish sauce, sauerkraut and fried potatoes. The potatoes had been fried with onions and fnely chopped pork and was perfect for eating with beer. The pork knuckle tasted wonderful as though this meat had been pickled prior to cooking giving it an incredible depth of flavour. I also tried the Berliner Pilsner which has a light yellow colour and a strong refreshing flavour.

On the second visit, I tried the grobe deftige kohlroulade mit specksoße und salzkartoffeln. This was half a cabbage (which was huge) boiled and stuffed with minced beef, served with a bacon sauce and boiled yellow potatoes. This was tasty and the cooked cabbage was impressively sweet and not sour tasting unlike what you would expect from boiled cabbage. Also, yes greedily I tried the saftiger schweinebraten mit bratensoBe, rotkohl und kartoffelkloßen which is roast pork, served with red cabbage, freshly made potato dumplings and a meat gravy which was delicious, my favourite of the tried dishes.

All of the food was extremely delicious. This place is not to be missed.


Berliner Pilsner

Hausgemachte konigsberger klopse mit kapernsauce und salzkartoffeln


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