A Review – Introduction – a snapshot of eating and drinking in Berlin

Just over a week ago, I visited Berlin. I really love this city, I think it is probably my favourite. This visit was my eighth visit, the first being back in 2002. Without meaning to sound cliched, Berlin has a buzz all of its own that I have never encountered in any other place. I remember a student friend, who had spent several months working there, looking straight at me quite seriously and saying she thought I would love berlin. At the time, I never really understood why she thought this. Now I understand.

I would have loved to have written a post every day or two during this visit but this never happened. For one thing, I was having too much fun but on a more practical note, it seems that places where you can use the internet are getting very difficult to find. By the time I did find somewhere, it was half-way through the week  – how times have changed since the last time I visited this city three years ago. Of course, writing  a blog from a mobile phone is entirely impractical.

You can only visit a few places in a week so the ‘Berlin posts’ are really a snapshot of eating and drinking in Berlin. For a sense of completeness, as well as being totally greedy, I tried to make two visits to each venue – one to try drinks and one to try drinks and  meals. I took photos of all the food dishes but unfortunately, only a few of them are worth including.

The Oberbaumbruecke across the river Spree

The Fernsehturm built in the 1960s

Change to Potsdamer Platz since the removal of the Berlin wall


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